The Cool Sound Journey

24 Jun

As I sit here watching Mumford and Sons rock Glastonbury for the second time I think about what Lee Willz + Trademarks big break will be!

After my return from travelling in November I had no idea what being a manager of a band entailed but I had drive, enthusiasm and a love of music. Cool Sound Recordings opened me up to a new exciting world of artist management.

I started my journey building my knowledge in the industry firstly by joining the MMF, a music managers forum where managers of all levels communicate. The MMF taught me all the basics of music licencing, publishing, rights and how the artist gets paid. I attended networking meetings and seminars which proved invaluable. Everyday I learnt something new about the way the music industry works such as routes to market, bands and brands, getting gigs and digital distribution.

I felt useless as a manger without a product and it wasnt really until a professional album was completed that I truly felt I could promote the record label Cool Sound Recordings as well as the artist and producer; Lee Willz + Trademark. Things fell into place as a band was added- consisiting of a drummer, guitarist and bass player whom became ‘The Cool Sound House Band’ and having this band got us into the Live Scene.

With a neat product in the form of a professional album and sleeve as well as sophisticated quality Music Video we started with a launch party booking a local venue and charging £6 a ticket in order to show off the creative album ‘Against Your Willz’. The launch and afterparty was a success and let large group of local people know who we were and the type of music created, it also made me more confident that I was dealing with a group whom were professional and got a great response from an audience and therefore with this I began to look for Gigs in London Venues.

I spent a while building a list of Promoters for London events/venues/gigs. I researched venues and live gigs and began to email a handful of promoters each night with a clear simple email with links straight to our music videos, information of our Launch, music and Biography. The response was great from those that replied and gig offers began to pile in.

After doing a series of local gigs, firstly a private party in eastbourne in which we got asked to come back (paid gig), also Mojos in hometown Tonbridge, The Wharf,  and SOS. I concentrated on booking schools for the band to build a large young local following, Some of the schools got back to us and the first school peformance had a great vibe.

Our first London gig was in Camden in Lockside Lounge for a Lazy Sunday evening set. This gig was great- with a group of 8 girls attending from Cheltenham and a few other local followers being the life of the party. The promoter was impressed with the gig and the response from the audience.

The next gig was alot bigger at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane this one took some serious management and organisation. Booking a coach and selling tickets. This one I emailed the promoter to ask for a headlining act as we were bringing along over 50 people. In fact 63 people attended and the buzz was excellent. Lee Willz ,Trademark, Ricky Charles and The cool sound house band were headlining but unfortunately all the other bands playing before us over ran by over an hour and left the audience with only a few songs which was a huge dissapointment for a gig which spent months of planning. However all our guests had a great time and the club was packed out with hundreds of other people.

Now with a handful of London gigs set for 2011 the label will focus on getting the money back spent on CD’s, Studio and Music videos using gigs. I will concentrate on guaranteeing a festival for next year and a few more local gigs as well as underage gigs in order to build a following. The school tour is still ongoing and definitely worth the effort.

It is the music below which keeps Cool Sound Recordings Present, creative and Professional;



11 Feb

There is a wealth of artists in the UK battling for a part in the UK’s Urban and grime industry. Rap artists are beginning to rise up bigger and better. Grime music has softened its dark roots to provide the country with mainstream music- grime with a softer approach- often incorporating R and B. The artists featured below keep their voice with their impressive rapping and lyrics but add harmonious catchy choruses for everyone to relate to thus the reason for their quick rise in the industry. Some below are new breakthroughs in the industry and some are very much in it with excellent collaborations and chart topping hits.


Friday Night is Cool Sound Recordings and Lee Williams first professional video with a fantastic response in the area. Lee Williams aka Lee Willz is 19 years old and has been performing for around 6 years he has moved away from his heavy grime mcing to a more rythmatic smooth voice to suit his new music consisting of electro, pop, r and b but still very much urban rap. This song inparticular won a spot on Sky’s music channel AKA. Lee Willz is having a new album released in April at the Tunbridge Wells forum. There is alot to come from this artist this year- so watch out!

SunnyWeather is another fab single under Cool Sound Recordings by Ricky Millis featuring Lee Willz. The song is Catchy and Ricky performs in a Skinner Streets style way creating mass hysteria everywhere he goes.

Featuring most of cool sound recordings group the above record is back to their roots as original grime artists featuring their amazing lyrical concert. The single is part of cool sounds sub label airforce music started by Danny Who and P Man.


Lee Willz Friday Night. Cool Sound Recordings

22 Dec

Take the time to listen to a great new song
A certain future hit

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Travelling Videos-my video camera never left my hand

11 Dec

Amongst the thousands of people I met whilst travelling I felt as if I was the only one with a video camera permenantly stuck to my hand, apart from during the skydive and bunjy. I always feel I have to document everything not just for myself but for everyone else too. So it only seems fair I film my Sisters wedding for her too in December.

I went 4 wheel driving on Fraser Island in terrential conditions. I was eaten alive by mosquitos, but once again it was an adventure. We saw a huge turtle and a few dingos too.

Travelling up the East coast of Australia, I discovered Agnes Water 1770 the place where Captain Cook first landed and it was my favourite place. I liked it so much I stayed in the hostel cool bananas and worked there for months. I will be honest it was a celebration every night and I have met some great people there.

On the East coast of Oz, I met a great friend Jade Harding whom convinced me to travel to Asia with her and we had the most amazing time.

In Ecuador, in the rainforest I had to research hummingbirds and do a presentation to the rest of the expedition members

Georgina Thomas: Do You Aim to Achieve all your Dreams?

17 Nov
Are you unsure of what to do with your life? Do you have a mind blowing list in your head of things you want to achieve? People get so worried about their futures and what they will achieve and especially how they will achieve it. Many people naturally have the get up and go, others have to force themselves to find it. There are ridiculous amounts of people out there dreading getting up in the morning going to their jobs that they absoloutely hate, working with people that they have no connection with and that they loathe. My friend has had countless amounts of jobs each of which she dislikes the tasks as well as her co-workers but financially she has to stick out these jobs for lengthy periods to cover her living expences however this isn’t the end for her and it isn’t the end for anyone who is in the same position.
Achieve your Dreams
If life is not quite going to your plan or if you seriously just do not know what to do with your life, first thing is to get out there and speak to as many people as possible, draw attention to ambitious people, by surrounding yourself with people who want to achieve all their dreams it will boost your confidence. We spend most of our days day dreaming about what we want to do- now take your head out of the clouds and realise where you are and what your situation is right now and what can you do at this minute to change it- well already your reading a blog that may or may not inspire you.
If you are bored of your one full time job have you thought about changing your job to part time and finding a second part time job that you can easily enjoy- you will meet more people and perhaps get ideas about what you want to do. In the meantime start looking for clubs or events you may want to go to, dance classes, workshops and other evening or weekend activities. Doing more things keeps your mond active and focused. The busier you become the more you will want to do. My Aunty taught me “Never ask someone for a favour who doesnt do much because they will say they dont have the time always ask a busy active person because they always seem to find time for others in their busy schedule’.
I hope this has helped you find the start to a little get up and go and will put you on the express to achieving your dreams. Below I have written about all the things I have done in order to become constantly content and driven, they are only small things but they have kept me busy for the last 23 years. I would love to hear about your stories of taking a new step to achieving your wildest dreams.
From the beginning
Starting from 2010 going backwards I have started an ebay business selling anything new I can get my hands on from my familys market trading business at
neon gloves
When I am not selling neon golves, figure shapers, clothes, shoes with wheels in and blankets with arms. I work on a market stall with my Auntie, Uncle and Dad.
I also am the promoter for my Mum’s new tea room located in Tonbridge, Kent called Enchanted Bakery. She sells all types of homemade food but her speciality is cakes and the tasty cupcakes are always available for purchase in the shop or online at
I have recently created a temporary website for a friend Lee Williams aka Lee willz part of cool sound recordings started by Tom Moth Trademark, it links to their album which is sold via i tunes. The website also features many videos of the artists involved under this fairly new record label. I love the songs and they are very talented people. The site also has a media page where you can watch the you tube video of BBC news and the rivalry between Tonbridge and Tunbridg wells- its quite funny. \”Friday Night by Lee Williams and Trademark\” Sunny Weather- Cool Sound Recordings watch?v=zM0G3iE1_Ds
I have recently returned from 10 months travelling Australia, Thailand, Laos and New Zealand in which I experienced some amazing things. I met  wonderful people and learnt so much more.
I went White water rafting, Deep sea diving, Sky Diving, Bunjy Jumping, Doghnutting, rock climbing and much much more.
I worked whilst travelling in a fish and chip shop some days and in a dive shop or on a dive boat. I got a few free dives too. I also volunteered in Koh Lanta, Thailand looking after poorly treated animals on the island.
Before I went travelling I was running an ebay business and working the markets with my family. Not long before this I was in partnership on a womens clothing boutique called rehab in my hometown Tonbridge.
The boutique was becoming a thriving business as we began to get well known for great fasion plus we were sponsoring last years Miss England ( Katrina Hodge) after winning Miss Tunbridge Wells . However before I had a real chance to make  the business  a huge success the partnership fell apart and my business partner bought me out and that is when I decided to travel- I realised I had owned 2 of my own businesses (ebay as well) at the age of 22, I had put in 7 days a week and I thought “unless I travelled now, I may never get another chance as I will be too wrapped up in working”.
Before I went into partnership on Rehab the boutique, I was working at several different markets with my family. I was also working in my local bar.  I was working sometimes over 40 hours a week as I had spent most of my savings from a child on a 6 week trip to Ecuador in South America to do wildlife and rainforest management conservation . I lived basic, learnt Spanish, taught Spanish and received a TEFL (teaching english in foreign languages). I also got my Emergency First Aid response certificate.
I got to meet great like minded people and came into contact with many mammals.

Before visiting the rainforest I was constantly volunteering with the Kent Wildlife Trust eduacting young children about wildlife and pond life etc I was regularly donating to KWT and RSPB as well as friends of the earth. I also volunteered with Clean Kent Campaign.

I volunteered, worked at the market, did a bit of ebay selling and worked in the bar all whilst studying at West Kent College and the University of Greenwich. I studied BA Media Communication and Cultural studies. The course taught us indepth about the different forms of media such as Video making, filming, editing, vox pops, radio editing/production/ creative entrepreneurship, journalism, web design, desk top publishing, cultural studies, scriptwriting and religious themes in science fiction.  I missed my graduation as I was in Ecuador.

I studied for three years and kept working throughout. I took six weeks off my second year to do Touring pantomime with Chaplins panto company in which I played a lead part in treasure island on a paid basis including accomodation. It was the first time I got to venture North around most of the Shires. We toured all over miles and miles apart. We did 40 shows in total, often 2 a day. I would get my assignements online and post them into the uni complete. It was a great experience.

During university I would often visit shows on television and be in the audience just to get an idea of the media world. I spoke on Channel 5 the wright stuff with guest star Chris Tarrant. I also starred in make me a supermodel extra, I dressed up in a tango dress and tangoed on live television on a stage. I visited the Graham Norton Show, The Sharon Osbourne show, 1 Vs 100 where I met and got a picture with Dermot ‘O’ Leary.  I started off going to TRL shows in Leicester Square. I enjoyed visiting television shows and learning how production works.

At the end of the 2nd year at Uni I did a Acting for the scr een and presenting for the screen course at Three Mills Studios in London with the presenter of I BUY. We practiced Vox pops, autocue, interviews and ad lib. I really enjoyed this experience especially the vox pops around Leicester Square and got a couple of showreels from it.

When I was doing my A-Levels I worked but was also part of the schools community when it came to the arts. I involved myself in the dance and drama events in and out of school. I played funnily enough a great role as Toto from wizard of Oz  which was highly rated in the local paper.

Throughout school I got involved in as many things as I could- Dance and Drama club, school productions (Guys and Dolls). Outside of school I played GOD as a final performance after a weeks long workshop at Rose Brufords performing arts college.

I have got a degree, Been travelling and owned a great fashion Boutique. Now I want to move forward and achieve more things. I am studying Music management, web design, SEO and google analytics at home whilst doing the ebay, markets, gym, mums shop, designing web sites and Tuesday night street dancing classes. I want to be a music manager, I want to again own my own boutique and I also want to become a presenter.

Many people believe they have to find one thing they like and stick to it- which for some people this is good enough. However I am never satisfied with sticking to one thing- I get things done but I always have to be thinking of the next ‘idea’ or new thing I can achieve. Maybe you are like me and your mind wonders and you do so many different things that sometimes you can get lost, when I get those days I feel a bit down but I find a focus whether its ebay or meeting with friends to speak about other things. I am happy doing many things. If you have more than one plan for the future or if theres several things you want to do but cant choose- have a go at them all- achieve all your dreams- Whatever they may be