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Lee Willz Friday Night. Cool Sound Recordings

22 Dec

Take the time to listen to a great new song
A certain future hit

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Travelling Videos-my video camera never left my hand

11 Dec

Amongst the thousands of people I met whilst travelling I felt as if I was the only one with a video camera permenantly stuck to my hand, apart from during the skydive and bunjy. I always feel I have to document everything not just for myself but for everyone else too. So it only seems fair I film my Sisters wedding for her too in December.

I went 4 wheel driving on Fraser Island in terrential conditions. I was eaten alive by mosquitos, but once again it was an adventure. We saw a huge turtle and a few dingos too.

Travelling up the East coast of Australia, I discovered Agnes Water 1770 the place where Captain Cook first landed and it was my favourite place. I liked it so much I stayed in the hostel cool bananas and worked there for months. I will be honest it was a celebration every night and I have met some great people there.

On the East coast of Oz, I met a great friend Jade Harding whom convinced me to travel to Asia with her and we had the most amazing time.

In Ecuador, in the rainforest I had to research hummingbirds and do a presentation to the rest of the expedition members