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11 Feb

There is a wealth of artists in the UK battling for a part in the UK’s Urban and grime industry. Rap artists are beginning to rise up bigger and better. Grime music has softened its dark roots to provide the country with mainstream music- grime with a softer approach- often incorporating R and B. The artists featured below keep their voice with their impressive rapping and lyrics but add harmonious catchy choruses for everyone to relate to thus the reason for their quick rise in the industry. Some below are new breakthroughs in the industry and some are very much in it with excellent collaborations and chart topping hits.


Friday Night is Cool Sound Recordings and Lee Williams first professional video with a fantastic response in the area. Lee Williams aka Lee Willz is 19 years old and has been performing for around 6 years he has moved away from his heavy grime mcing to a more rythmatic smooth voice to suit his new music consisting of electro, pop, r and b but still very much urban rap. This song inparticular won a spot on Sky’s music channel AKA. Lee Willz is having a new album released in April at the Tunbridge Wells forum. There is alot to come from this artist this year- so watch out!

SunnyWeather is another fab single under Cool Sound Recordings by Ricky Millis featuring Lee Willz. The song is Catchy and Ricky performs in a Skinner Streets style way creating mass hysteria everywhere he goes.

Featuring most of cool sound recordings group the above record is back to their roots as original grime artists featuring their amazing lyrical concert. The single is part of cool sounds sub label airforce music started by Danny Who and P Man.