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The Cool Sound Journey

24 Jun

As I sit here watching Mumford and Sons rock Glastonbury for the second time I think about what Lee Willz + Trademarks big break will be!

After my return from travelling in November I had no idea what being a manager of a band entailed but I had drive, enthusiasm and a love of music. Cool Sound Recordings opened me up to a new exciting world of artist management.

I started my journey building my knowledge in the industry firstly by joining the MMF, a music managers forum where managers of all levels communicate. The MMF taught me all the basics of music licencing, publishing, rights and how the artist gets paid. I attended networking meetings and seminars which proved invaluable. Everyday I learnt something new about the way the music industry works such as routes to market, bands and brands, getting gigs and digital distribution.

I felt useless as a manger without a product and it wasnt really until a professional album was completed that I truly felt I could promote the record label Cool Sound Recordings as well as the artist and producer; Lee Willz + Trademark. Things fell into place as a band was added- consisiting of a drummer, guitarist and bass player whom became ‘The Cool Sound House Band’ and having this band got us into the Live Scene.

With a neat product in the form of a professional album and sleeve as well as sophisticated quality Music Video we started with a launch party booking a local venue and charging £6 a ticket in order to show off the creative album ‘Against Your Willz’. The launch and afterparty was a success and let large group of local people know who we were and the type of music created, it also made me more confident that I was dealing with a group whom were professional and got a great response from an audience and therefore with this I began to look for Gigs in London Venues.

I spent a while building a list of Promoters for London events/venues/gigs. I researched venues and live gigs and began to email a handful of promoters each night with a clear simple email with links straight to our music videos, information of our Launch, music and Biography. The response was great from those that replied and gig offers began to pile in.

After doing a series of local gigs, firstly a private party in eastbourne in which we got asked to come back (paid gig), also Mojos in hometown Tonbridge, The Wharf,  and SOS. I concentrated on booking schools for the band to build a large young local following, Some of the schools got back to us and the first school peformance had a great vibe.

Our first London gig was in Camden in Lockside Lounge for a Lazy Sunday evening set. This gig was great- with a group of 8 girls attending from Cheltenham and a few other local followers being the life of the party. The promoter was impressed with the gig and the response from the audience.

The next gig was alot bigger at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane this one took some serious management and organisation. Booking a coach and selling tickets. This one I emailed the promoter to ask for a headlining act as we were bringing along over 50 people. In fact 63 people attended and the buzz was excellent. Lee Willz ,Trademark, Ricky Charles and The cool sound house band were headlining but unfortunately all the other bands playing before us over ran by over an hour and left the audience with only a few songs which was a huge dissapointment for a gig which spent months of planning. However all our guests had a great time and the club was packed out with hundreds of other people.

Now with a handful of London gigs set for 2011 the label will focus on getting the money back spent on CD’s, Studio and Music videos using gigs. I will concentrate on guaranteeing a festival for next year and a few more local gigs as well as underage gigs in order to build a following. The school tour is still ongoing and definitely worth the effort.

It is the music below which keeps Cool Sound Recordings Present, creative and Professional;


Lee Willz Friday Night. Cool Sound Recordings

22 Dec

Take the time to listen to a great new song
A certain future hit

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